Create custom view engine in MVC application

rencontre des musulmans de france 2013 en direct There are various third-party view engines available like Nhaml (pronounced enamel), spark, Brail, nVelocity but the most famous one is Razor used .cshtml and .vbhtml files to recognize views to render as simple HTML. You can create your own view engine and even use that with other view engines in one application. To use your custom view engine, you have…

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Improve Performance By Caching In MVC In this article, you learn to implement caching and improve the performance of your MVC website. You can get the very impressive behavior of your site and faster than normally execute each time with lots of users request to your site. Generally, when the user requests an action to view all records from the particular table and just display as…

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High Performance Munq IOC Container For Asp.Net MVC And Web Form

rencontres intimes au senegal IOC is a pattern which decouples the use of an interface from the concrete implementation of that interface. By eliminating this coupling:  The code can be tested by using special test implementations of the interface.  Fewer DLLs need to be deployed on each tier of a multi-tiered deployment.  Project compilation may be sped up as there are fewer project dependencies.…

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MVC Grid With jQuery and Bootstrap

go site The grid, always useful to show information and if you found something interesting then you should use it. The Grid.Mvc is the component that is easy to use in MVC and uses jQuery for filter data and bootstrap for responsive CSS. Installation – Install Grid.Mvc using NuGet package – using package manager console (View-Other windows – package manager console) type… Continue Reading