Dynamic C# with using ExpandoObject and ElasticObject

C# Dynamic It is the class that implements DLR(Dynamic Language Runtime) Interface and now you have a question that what is DLR? The dynamic language runtime (DLR) is a runtime environment that adds a set of services for dynamic languages to the common language runtime (CLR). The DLR makes it easier to develop dynamic languages to run on the .NET…

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What is BigData?

Big Data is not just about lots of data or the big thing in a particular size, it is actually a concept providing an opportunity to find new insight into your existing data as well guidelines to capture and analysis your future data. It makes any business more agile and robust so it can adapt and overcome business challenges. In…

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Send Mail Using .Net with Gmail or Ymail Account

Here is a small code for sending an email from ASP.NET 2.0 page, using the namespace System.net.mail and a Gmail account. Note: We can build this email form AJAX based, by putting the content in an UpdatePanel control, and add the button “send” as a trigger.

Get Recently Run Queries in MSSql Database

Generally when you have multiple users use one database and you have to verify some stored procedures or queries that have been run during some interval in such case you can easily run below query to find all queries so here is how to get recently run queries in MySQL database? : By running this query you can easily track…

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Drop and recreate all indexes in database

SQL Server Management Studio does not have an easy way via the wizard to complete these tasks at the same time. In this tip, we look at a creating a script to drop and create all SQL Server indexes for a SQL Server database. Some cases we found indexes, not in a source control system, dropped or corrupted, indexes need…

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File Upload Dialog with drag and drop with jQuery and Bootstrap

Using jQuery to drag and drop files and to show dialog box with bootstrap kind of design, you can easily make file upload with all handle all the events and validation. First you need to add jQuery and Bootstrap javascript libraries on your web page: Add jQuery bootstrap plugin’s files Add new button to click and open dialog Bind the…

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High Performance Munq IOC Container For Asp.Net MVC And Web Form

IOC is a pattern which decouples the use of an interface from the concrete implementation of that interface. By eliminating this coupling:  The code can be tested by using special test implementations of the interface.  Fewer DLLs need to be deployed on each tier of a multi-tiered deployment.  Project compilation may be sped up as there are fewer project dependencies.…

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