Use of yield in C# Normally, when we need to fetch the items from a collection we might create a temporary list to hold the retrieved items and return. But the use of yield, we can get a collection without the use of the temporary collection. Following is the simple example to retrieve list using return a temporary list. Here tmplist is used to store… Continue Reading

Create custom view engine in MVC application

corso base gratis per capire le opzioni binarie There are various third-party view engines available like Nhaml (pronounced enamel), spark, Brail, nVelocity but the most famous one is Razor used .cshtml and .vbhtml files to recognize views to render as simple HTML. You can create your own view engine and even use that with other view engines in one application. To use your custom view engine, you have… Continue Reading

Improve Performance By Caching In MVC

premarin annual sales In this article, you learn to implement caching and improve the performance of your MVC website. You can get the very impressive behavior of your site and faster than normally execute each time with lots of users request to your site. Generally, when the user requests an action to view all records from the particular table and just display as…

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Send Email Asynchronously in .Net

If you use synchronous mode to send an email then the process for to sending email start by calling a method, then the application has to wait to complete and that time application is blocked or halted. In contrast, asynchronous mode to call the method that you define as background and that method, return to an application immediately no matter…

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Dynamic C# with using ExpandoObject and ElasticObject

C# Dynamic It is the class that implements DLR(Dynamic Language Runtime) Interface and now you have a question that what is DLR? The dynamic language runtime (DLR) is a runtime environment that adds a set of services for dynamic languages to the common language runtime (CLR). The DLR makes it easier to develop dynamic languages to run on the .NET…

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Send Mail Using .Net with Gmail or Ymail Account

Here is a small code for sending an email from ASP.NET 2.0 page, using the namespace and a Gmail account. Note: We can build this email form AJAX based, by putting the content in an UpdatePanel control, and add the button “send” as a trigger.

High Performance Munq IOC Container For Asp.Net MVC And Web Form

IOC is a pattern which decouples the use of an interface from the concrete implementation of that interface. By eliminating this coupling:  The code can be tested by using special test implementations of the interface.  Fewer DLLs need to be deployed on each tier of a multi-tiered deployment.  Project compilation may be sped up as there are fewer project dependencies.…

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