Send Email Asynchronously in .Net

norges beste datingsider If you use synchronous mode to send an email then the process for to sending email start by calling a method, then the application has to wait to complete and that time application is blocked or halted. In contrast, asynchronous mode to call the method that you define as background and that method, return to an application immediately no matter… Continue Reading

Resolve jQuery conflicts with other libraries

Jquery is the standard library and most of the plugins use jQuery namespace. Usually, global objects are stored in the query namespace so you can solve all conflicts between libraries and even you can solve clashes with any other library like prototype.js, YUI, and MooTools. Generally, jQuery uses $ as a shortcut so if you use some other library with…

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Use CLR functions in SQL

In SQL database you can create functions and stored procedures for calculating data and return some values but as the limitation of SQL as it is not full programming language so sometimes you can not do your stuff with SQL only sometimes you have to go to CLR function to transform some data or calculate some values. CLR functions also…

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Typeahead from twitter provides the fastest autocomplete feature

Typeahead.js is a stronger autocomplete javascript library to provide robustness to autocomplete in textbox with providing instant text search. It provides suggestions and best to handle DOM interaction. There are two parts in this library 1) Suggestion engine, Bloodhound  2) for UI view Typeahead. Typeahead Typeahead’s library role is to handle UI work and also all DOM interaction and event…

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