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SEO tips for beginners

To know about SEO tips, first of all, you need to know about basic that what is SEO? and how it works?

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique to make your web pages more search engine friendly to get maximize relevant search traffic.
There are two parts to SEO 1) on-page SEO and 2) off-page SEO which is further divided into parts or techniques like directory submission, social book marketing, keyword analysis, blog writing, article submission etc.

Keyword Research

It is an important activity for SEO because search initiated from keyword either by the search engine or users. Choose your right keyword in the page with the related topic. There are many tools available like Google Adwords Keyword Tool, Market Samurai, Long Tail Pro, etc. Using such tools you can get your website up in search results.

Keyword Density

Keyword density means, use your keyword as much as possible but in some limitation like it must be between 2-4%, so if you are writing your article of 800 words, then your keyword should not be repeated more than 3-4 times in each 100 words. If your keyword density is more than 5%, then Google penalized you. One thing keeps in mind that you are writing your article for your reader, not for search engines.

Page titles and meta description

Page titles for your website must be unique or say unique title tag and it should be less than 70 characters. For meta description, it should be between 150-160 characters. Why these limits for both? Because search engines read meta description and title to understand better and get your search page up front in search results.

XML Sitemap

A sitemap generally uses for providing a list of accessible URLs for your website. Create a sitemap of your website and by using that, you are helping the search engines to get better index your website. A Google XML Sitemap is a better option to generate a sitemap.

Don’t use broken links

If there are lots of broken links found from your site, then it is bad for SEO and your website because the search engines and readers hurt. You can find your broken link with the different tools available to resolve such problem.

Increase Backlinks

Backlinks use for connecting other blogs or websites article to your site and by increasing the backlinks, your ranking affects in search engines. So increase your backlinks and get a better rank in search engines.

Use Image and ALT tag

The sometime image is more important than a 1000 word so put images in your article and also put ALT text so you can get traffic from image search from search engines.

Use Webmaster tools and analytics of your site

Every search engines provide webmaster tools to manage your site and can see crawling and indexing also you can remove some bad links and fix 404s errors. Analytics very uses full to get your site’s visitor information and which and what content they read also what pages they read.

Robot.txt file

It is a file that gives the way to search engine for indexing and consider which pages to index to display the search result. For example, a thank you page that should not be displayed in search result so in robot.txt you can define some page URLs to restrict search engines to include in search results.


Your website speed also affecting SEO. According to search engines, the less time to load the better rank you can get so similar sites in the search results in your site getting up in search results.

Use unique content on your site

You can observe that a large number of bloggers in the market to launch their blogs and website to represent their content but sometimes those contents are duplicated. Much use of duplicate content violates search engine policy and other guidelines so please use unique content to represent your site in search engines.

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