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Typeahead from twitter provides the fastest autocomplete feature

Typeahead.js is a stronger autocomplete javascript library to provide robustness to autocomplete in textbox with providing instant text search. It provides suggestions and best to handle DOM interaction. There are two parts in this library 1) Suggestion engine, Bloodhound  2) for UI view Typeahead.


Typeahead’s library role is to handle UI work and also all DOM interaction and event handling.


  • Displays suggestions to end-users as they type
  • Shows top suggestion as a hint (i.e. Background text)
  • Supports custom templates to allow for UI flexibility
  • Works well with RTL languages and input method editors
  • Highlights query matches within the suggestion
  • Triggers custom events to encourage extensibility

For more information, you can find here


Bloodhound is a powerful suggestion engine with robust, flexible and offers intelligent caching, prefetching, fast lookups, easy filling remote data.


  • Works with hardcoded data
  • Prefetches data for initialization to reduce suggestion latency
  • Uses local storage intelligently to cut down on network requests
  • Backfills suggestions from a remote source
  • Rate-limits and caches network requests to remote sources to lighten the load

The main feature is the which helps to reduce additional network requests. If the browser supports local storage then it is the very useful feature to get better performance.

You can find more about all other features here

It supports in all browsers and easy to integrate you can see how to play with Typeahead with all examples


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