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Developer Assistant For Visual Studio Useof Bing

Developer Assistant tool is the new plugin with capable of bing search result especially for searching the proper keyword from your code and get the whole code from MSDN Library, MSDN Forums, StackOverflow, GitHub, etc.

The major benefit to using this plugin is integrated git hub network in which all project code easily available that is being used by developers and even creating new projects also MSDN network with basic fundamentals of each keyword used as class and methods in proper namespace. There is 21 million code available for each language used in the visual studio and also provided instant search result while you do coding and give as the suggestion in IntelliSense for that particular section of code.

Integrated support with Visual Studio Intellisense, the API Assistant gives you immediate and contextual code samples while you are using APIs in Visual Studio.


While compiling the code and get the compilation error, you can get the most relevant help based on your current context with just one button click.

compiler error assistant

Useful links:
Download plugin
Video for more detail


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